The Second Book Is Here!

Breaking News: My Girlfriend Bites Again is out in both paperback and eBook formats. Keep reading for a big sample from the second chapter of the book.


Right now, you can order the paperback at Barnes & Noble or Amazon or pick up the eBook this week for the special price of $2.99. (It goes up to $4.99 next week) You can find it on Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Amazon, and Google Play.


I’ve lowered the eBook price of the first book in the series My Girlfriend Bites to $0.99. So, pick up both eBooks in the series for a bargain at most online book merchants who carry the eBook.

My Girlfriend Bites Again (Sample)


I scramble to my feet and poke my head out of our small polyester hiking tent. Bree has already disappeared down the rocky trail.

Damn it Bree. I slip on my shoes and grab my portable mini-lantern before I run out of camp and down the dark trail in pursuit. The portable lantern barely shines ten feet in front of me. I can only make out a portion of the trail as it hugs the top of the ridge. If I don’t watch where I’m walking, I could fall right off the edge.

Again, there’s no sign of Bree.

Or the vampire.

Why the hell am I walking in the dark with a vampire on the loose?

“Bree,” I yell. “Where did you go?”

No answer.

“I swear if you’re playing a joke on me I’ll—”

A shadow jumps at me and I yell. The shadow swipes the lantern and switches it off in one quick move. My heart pounds on overdrive. But it relaxes the moment a familiar voice laughs in the darkness.

“You look so cute when you’re nervous.”

“Please stop doing that.”

Bree nuzzles against my neck. Her familiar scent of honeysuckle and lilac calms me down. “The vamp is down in the valley,” she whispers. Bree takes my hand and we crouch near the trail on the ridge, looking down at the dark valley below. I can’t see anything, but Bree’s nostrils flare as she takes in some kind of scent.

“What do vampires smell like?”

“A mix of dead fish and burnt hair. It’s not a very strong scent, but it’s there if you concentrate.”

“Were you having trouble sleeping?”

Bree grins. “It’s hard for me to sleep outdoors. All I want to do is rip off my clothes and shift. I was tempted to sneak off and go do that. But I resisted the temptation.” Bree moves closer to the edge of the trail, peeking back down into the valley. Her eyes narrowed as she focuses. “I can see it now. It’s a girl. And she looks…terrified. Very odd.” Bree gasps and drops back to the ground. She breathes faster and faster, on the edge of hyperventilating. “Piss on the sun.”

“What is it?”

She doesn’t answer.


“She’s being chased by a Demon Skin.”

My heart jumps into my throat. It’s the name the werewolves gave them after these reanimated warriors from the dead began wiping out werewolf packs all over the world. One almost killed Bree and her family before I set it on fire with a Molotov cocktail.

Bree grips my arm. “Did you pack the aerosol can and lighter?”

“Yeah, but they’re still back at the car.”

That werewolf confidence of hers is gone. Her face winces in fear. Her eyes fill with worry. Bree peeks down into the valley again. “Looks like she’s running down the valley anyway. Hopefully, that Demon Skin hasn’t picked up my scent way up here on the ridge.”

It still amazes me how well Bree can see in the dark. That valley below looks like a black smudge.

“Why is it hunting down a vampire?” I ask. “I thought they were only hunting down werewolves?”

“I guess we’re not the only ones on their hit list.” Her eyes catch something else. “That girl vamp can’t run fast enough. That Demon Skin will catch up to her soon.”

“What are you going to do?”

Bree scoffs. “It’s not after me.”

I toss her a look, and she feels it.

“She’s a vamp, Aiden. They’re disgusting creatures. The world’s better off without them.”

“What about…the enemy of my enemy is my friend?”

“What kind of stupid human expression is that?”

“Look, I’m only saying that the way things are going now, don’t werewolves need more allies?”

“You don’t understand the real world, Aiden. The vamps have hated us for centuries, and the feeling is mutual. Trust me. She’s not worth the risk.”

“Didn’t your family have the same attitude about humans a while ago?”

Bree shoots me a hard look.

But I keep talking. “I didn’t have to help you, did I? But I did. I took a chance you were more than just a monster.”

Bree twitches her mouth to the side as she looks down into the valley again.

A thought comes to me, and I say it. “They ripped up your werewolf pack too.”

Bree’s eyes burn. “Shut up. There’s nothing I can do. You’re the one who left the aerosol can in the car, and by the time we grab it and come back here, it’ll be too late.”

Something catches her attention. Bree’s nostrils flare again. “The vamp is changing direction. She’s climbing up the ridge, towards the trail.”

“Where we are?” I ask.

Bree shakes her head. “A few yards farther down. But if she leads that Demon Skin on top of the ridge and runs in this direction—” Bree thinks about it. “Okay, if she makes it to the trail, we’ll run to the car and break out the fire and brimstone just in case.”

“You don’t think she’ll make it?” I ask.

“Even climbing uphill, that Demon Skin will be faster. And it’s a baby vamp, so—”

“A baby vamp? Like a little girl?”

“She’s still a vamp.”

I stare at Bree for a moment before rising to my feet. I march down the trail and switch on the lantern.

“Where are you going?”

“I can’t sit here and do nothing. It’s a little kid.”

“That little kid doesn’t eat Fruit Loops for breakfast anymore. She’s probably more like fifty years old.”

In my head, all I see is fire. Brilliant and bright. The Demon Skin I lit on fire. Its body melting from the heat. It still looked terrifying. Like a demon from hell who couldn’t be stopped. Back then, I was beyond scared.

If I was that terrified at sixteen, I can’t imagine what’s going through the mind of a little girl facing down one of those things at night. As I said, there’s no way I can sit on this ridge and wait for her to die. So I keep walking forward.

“Piss on the sun.” Bree stands, her eyes glaring.

I pivot around to face her, but keep walking backward towards my doom. “In this messed-up world, someone has to give a shit.” I turn back around.

It takes maybe a moment or two before Bree is at my side with her arms crossed. “Turn off that stupid lantern before the Demon Skin sees it.”

I flash her a polite smile and turn it off.

Since I can’t see anything without the lantern, Bree grips my hand as we walk down the dirt trail. To be honest, I’m scared. Really scared. I don’t have werewolf strength or speed. I only have my brain, and sometimes that fails me too.

Screw it. I’m doing this anyway.

“I don’t know what you plan to do,” Bree says. “Without lighting the Demon Skin up like a forest fire, there’s no other way we can kill it.”

“Since the Demon Skins aren’t interested in humans, maybe it will let me get close enough.”

Bree scoffs. “Close enough to do what? Fart on it?”

“No. But I could distract it enough for you to do something.”

“Oh, so you want me to fart on it? Reality check. I can’t bite into a Demon Skin because of all that silver running through its veins. I can’t even touch it because of all that silver chain mail the damn things wear. And it probably has a silver weapon or two that is sure to kill me.”

“It’s not immune to gravity, is it?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll distract it while you shove it off the ridge. From here to the bottom of the valley is like, what, two thousand feet?” I ask.

“That won’t kill it.”

“No. But it might snap a few limbs when it impacts the rocks, and that’ll give us some time to save the kid and get back to the car.”

Bree thinks about that. “Okay. That might work. You’d better run on ahead and see if you can meet that baby vamp on the ridge. I’ll keep my distance so the Demon Skin can’t smell me. But when he comes over that ridge, I’ll charge and shove his butt over.”

“Don’t wait too long. If it thinks I’m protecting the vampire—”

“Are you sure about this? Do you really want to risk your life for a vamp? You don’t have to keep proving to me that you’re a bad-ass, you know.”

“Believe me, I wish I could run away. But I can’t. I won’t ever abandon someone who needs help again.”

Order the paperback at Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Pick up the eBook on Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Amazon, and Google Play.

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